About Us

A Unique Approach

Malka's approach bring together skills and training in:
  • Exercise
  • Natural Health
  • Pain Regulation
  • Emotional Therapy Techniques
  • Diet

This singular combination allows her to provide a true whole wellness approach to helping her clients. There are many professionals who can teach you the basics. Malka goes further to create a specialized functional wellness strategy to reach the depths of each client’s challenges.


The experience starts even before the class, and continues long after you’ve left the water…

Malka Kornreich, a renown teacher of fitness and health, knows that your time is valuable and your family needs you to be more productive while they’re away. With her special smile and huge generosity, Malka works hard to find the right time and venue for your best water workout – brainstorming together with you to make the excursion less stressful and more time efficient. Time and time again, Malka has shown that she knows how to turn around the common feelings of being tired, irritable, isolated and unhappy, into energetic, easy-going, connected and ready to take on the world with simcha.

Each water aerobic lesson is 45 minutes of a fun, full work-out and 15 minutes of free-time – easily tailored to fit your own pace. 

The convenient carpool – to the pool – is one of the highlights of her class. It is one great way to bond with a group of ladies before and after class, creating long lasting friendships and taking a little bit extra home with you every week.  

There are lively informal group discussions of all sorts—in the pool and out; revealing little-known secrets about health, nutrition and fitness, emotional well-being; from sharing personal hashgacha protis stories and giving chizuk, to sharing recipes and home-making tips.

Malka Kornreich

Malka is a certified and experienced English-speaking instructor, licensed by the Aquatic Exercise Association.

Trained by Mushi Charush of Wingate Institute & Head of the Israeli Aquatic Education Center.

Qualification .